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Acne can be problematic for people of all ages and can, sometimes, cause scarring that lasts for years. Besides being painful, acne can also take a huge toll on a person’s self-confidence. Acne and acne scar treatments mainly depend on the severity and the type of acne a person has or had in the past. Persistent breakouts can cause noticeable acne scarring that results in pockmarks and dark brown or red pigmentation in the skin. If you face similar issues, specialists at Skin Cellular Fitness Med Spa can easily help you choose acne or acne scarring treatments as per your skin type and acne severity.

Acne can develop anywhere on the body, but most people experience acne, ranging from mild to severe, on their faces. Several factors can account for acne breakouts which include a genetic link which makes some people more vulnerable, but further common outbreak triggers include anxiety, stress, lack of hygiene and hormonal changes.

Skin Cellular Fitness Med Spa, you can book an appointment with our specialists for a consultation during which they will suggest the proper course of treatment for your acne or scars. At our Med Spa, Venus Viva and Cynosure equipment are used alternatively for acne and acne scar treatments. In combination with that treatment, we also offer ultrasound microdermabrasion procedures and organic personalized skin facials which show faster results and prevent the acne from flaring back. Safety first is the most important rule at our Med Spa which is why we perform a spot check before every treatment to test the skin’s response. Every procedure is done under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Acne procedures can also provide you with additional benefits listed below:

·         Observe visibly diminished acne scarring.

·         Reduced rosacea, redness, bumps, and enlarged blood vessels around the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead.

·         Reduced large pores, deep wrinkles, and uneven skin texture and pigmentation.

Focused treatments for the removal of pockmarks and acne scars are also offered to clients who wish to achieve a smooth skin texture and clear complexion in just a few sessions. For all acne scars, we offer ultrasound microdermabrasion procedures and natural face masks tailored to every client’s required benefits. The mentioned treatments, in combination with Venus Viva, help clearer skin resurface while reducing scarring and the appearance of pockmarks significantly.

Within a few treatments in combination with the use of organic face masks, your naturally smooth and glowing skin will start to emerge back. Only after a few sessions, our Med Spa’s clients can notice improvements in not only their skin texture but uneven skin pigmentation as well. This treatment is not only designed to help you look your best but feel it as well. Contact us today.

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