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Body contouring is a procedure that has been gaining popularity over the past few years in the USA. Its popularity is not only owed to the non-invasive nature of the procedure but its effectiveness as well. The procedure is used to freeze or liquefy fat cells that are resistant to diet and exercise, like on the inner thighs, upper arms, and stomach. 

Body contouring has multiple benefits besides shaping your physique, the procedure also:

  1. Reduces Cellulite noticeably,
  2. Fades Stretch Marks,
  3. Reduces Circumference,
  4. Reduces fatty deposits / localized fat,
  5. Firms & Tones Muscles,
  6. Increases production of collagen and elastin (Tightens skin),
  7. Targets weight loss in problem areas, 
  8. Improves Skin Complexion,
  9. Tightens & Strengthens weak connective tissue, and 
  10. Increases the Metabolic Rate.

We offer body contouring procedures by using a combination of Venus Concept, LED Body Sculpting and Vacuum Cavitation equipment to help you achieve your body goals. We also offer custom body wraps which help quicken the process of body slimming and bring back a youthful bounce to your skin. These procedures help our clients reduce,  sagging skin and firm up and lift their buttocks and thighs to give them a smoother and slimmer silhouette. At Skin Cellular Fitness Med Spa, a spot test is performed before every procedure to check the skin’s reaction to the treatment. All procedures are performed under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Body contouring procedures offered by med spas take much less time than any invasive procedure and require little to no downtime. The number of sessions may vary per person, but a minimum of 12 sessions are recommended for a lasting effect. Target areas for contouring can be under the chin, the abdomen, thighs, flanks, arms, bra and back fat and underneath the buttocks. Visible results can be observed after 4 weeks to 3 months after the first procedure as the liquefied/frozen fat cells die or are expelled by the body naturally. 

This treatment is perfect for anyone who wants to change up their appearance for a confidence boost or feel their absolute best in their favorite clothes. 

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