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The problem of cellulite occurs all over the world, and It is common in women. Cellulite occurs due to a number of reasons such as a change in the hormone, genetic & diet. But even if it is common, it is not necessary to live with it.  

There are several treatments available for cellulite reduction. Venus concepts provide one such cellulite treatment, and treatment is noninvasive in nature. It works by shrinking the fat cells so that the bumps and dimples vanish from your skin. The added benefit is that it boosts the production of collagen. It enhances the appearance of the skin. The treatments are easy and can also be varied depending upon the area where your cellulite exists.  

Devices that reduce cellulite 

  • Venus Legacy 
  • Venus Bliss 

Features of Cellulite Reduction Device 

  • The technology provides noticeable results 
  • It is safe and suitable for all types of skin  
  • The treatment is comfortable 
  • The procedure has no downtime 
  • The treatment sessions are for a minimum of 30 minutes 

Who Is the Best Suitable Candidate? 

Cellulite reduction devices work best on individuals who have body fat in excessive quantity. People who have large pockets of cellulite on their bodies are also suitable for this treatment. 

What to Expect During Procedure 

People can get to see noticeable results after six to eight sessions per area. However, the number of sessions can increase or decrease depending upon theindividual. It is also dependent upon the area being targeted during the procedure. 

The sessions are limited to one per week. Each session takes about fifteen to fifty-five minutes. It depends on the areas that are being targeted. During the sessions, the skin will begin to get warm, and then a certain warm temperature will be maintained. It is done with the help of the applicator. The treatment sessions areentirely pain-free. The level of heat can be adjusted as per your comfort level. 

What Happens After Procedure? 

The treatment is relaxing. The area targeted might feel warm in touch, but that is normal. The complete treatment will require a number of sessions. After the final session is done, results may improve until three to four months. After this last session, a maintenance session will be recommended. This maintenance session is done every three to four months. It depends from person to person. 

The treatment does not require any recovery time. Patients usually go back to their daily routine right after the treatment ends. The treatment does not needany medication to be taken after the treatment. 


Both types of cellulite reduction devices. Venus bliss and Venus legacy are FDA approved. The cellulite reduction treatments are suitable for all individuals except in certain conditions. It is 100% effective and can reduce cellulite in the body. An added benefit is collagen production, which helps the body get rid of bumps and dimples. If you wish to get cellulite treatment, you must look into these two options. The specialist will guide you on which device suits you best.  

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