Facial For Sensitive Skin

What is Facial for Sensitive Skin?

Skin types that are easily irritated with chemicals or even the environment are called sensitive skin. The sensitivity of the skin is usually because the protective barrier is affected in such cases. It allows the moisture to escape from the skin. Hence, pollutants from the environment enter the skin and irritate it.

Individuals who have sensitive skin often find it difficult to find skincare products that suit their skin. But there are facial treatments that specially designed for sensitive skin. The primary aim of these types of facials is to provide moisture and hydration to the skin.

Procedure for Sensitive Skin Facial

The procedure for getting facial done is the same in the majority of the cases. However, in cases where there is sensitive skin involved, the beautician first examines the skin. It is the most crucial step in facial treatment. 

The beautician examines the reason behind the sensitivity of the skin. After examining, the beautician may prepare customized face masks depending upon your skin.

A soothing facial helps to get rid of inflammation. These ingredients might include seaweed facial, green tea, or even chamomile facial.

If your skin is dry along with being sensitive, then hydrating facials are used. These facials help to improve the dullness of the skin. After hydrating facial, a specialized customized organic serum is used. This serum is composed of Hyaluronic acid, minerals, amino acids, vitamins.  To help the skin in retaining moisture so that it does not dry off.

In case you have skin that is prone to acne, then salicylic acid facial will be the best for you. It helps in reducing the amount of acne. It reduces blemishes and scarring due to acne. In some of the cases, LED lights are used to get rid of bacterial growth on the skin. LED therapy is safe for all types of skin and does not irritate.

Results of the treatment

The Sensitive skin facial helps you get rid of the inflammation on the skin. It is because of the relaxing properties of the specially designed facial mask. The appearance of the skin improves with sessions that are to be taken at regular intervals. However, it is advised to consult our specialist aesthetician and nurse in our med-spa before the facial. It helps the specialist to develop customized facial for your specific skin type.

Who Should Get Sensitive Skin Facial?

People with sensitive skin have issues with inflammation and irritation on their skin. Therefore, facials for sensitive skin are specifically designed to help people get rid of such problems. Following is a list of people who would genuinely benefit from these types of facial treatments.

  1. People with irritation to their skin
  2. People with inflammation on their skin
  3. Acne-Prone skin
  4. People who wish to improve complexion
  5. People who wish to boost the immunity of the skin

Benefits of Facial Treatment for Sensitive Skin

There are numerous benefits of getting this procedure done. Let’s list down a few of them

  1. Clean and hydrated skin
  2. Reduced and corrects inflammation on the skin
  3. Reduced and corrects blemishes due to acne
  4. Brightening of the skin
  5. Soothes the skin


Sensitive skin is the most difficult when you wish to get skin care. Facials specially designed for sensitive skin help in getting rid of inflammation and acne. Always consult a specialist nurse or aesthetician at your med-spa when getting appointments for sensitive skin.

 Price: $79–$199 per procedure


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