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We Have a Custom Medical Weight Loss Program Designed Just For You at Our Medi- Spa

We use a combination of the Venus weight loss treatment in combination with the most effective LED treatment you help you achieve a fresh and glowing skin while still losing weight constantly.

Don’t Lose Hope Yet

If you are suffering due to some extra pounds on your body then you aren’t the only person going through this hard experience. Millions of people worldwide are obese. The obesity, if not treated, can lead to different diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and sleep apnea amongst others.

So, what can you do to get rid of those extra pounds? Well, you’ve done your part by reaching out to us. Our physicians use effective treatment methods and combine different technologies to help you achieve your weight loss goals over time. We can help you make some good changes in your lifestyle to stop the creating of more fat, and use effective technology to help burn the already accumulated fat inside your body. You can get rid of that stubborn fat forever.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

We use experts to handle all of our visitors. All of the methods we use are perfectly safe and fit to be used on your body without any side effects. Our plan is multi-pronged and combines different effective weight loss methods to help burn the fat and minimize the negative effects of obesity inside your body.

Additionally, we never go to the treatment phase first. Instead, we initially evaluate the severity of the problem, only then a weight loss program is uniquely made for your specific body to optimize the results. The intensity of the program certainly depends on your individual goals and some other things from our end. Our experts also coach you can help devise an attainable/ realistic plan to help you realize your dream of losing weight and getting a tighter/ fresher skin than ever before.

Steps of Our Procedure

As mentioned before, we have a set chain of steps that we take prior to starting the actual treatment. This phase is vital to the success of the treatment. Here is a basic flowchart of the steps we take when a visitor arrives for a thorough inspection.

Step 1: Free Consultation

Based on the actual difficulties, our experts analyze your current position and see whether this program would help your ambitions or not. This all can start with you calling us to get more details. We’ll set up a meeting between you and one (or more) of our experts. This way, we’ll be able to tell of this program would suit your needs or not. You can make a long list of questions, and make a list of the expectations that you have from us. You’ll surely leave our office a happy and satisfied person. So, this is as easy as dropping us a call!

Step 2: The Treatment Begins!

Based on our analysis of your condition, we’ll start the treatment if we think that our program is designed to help people like you achieve their weight loss goals. We guarantee fast and long-lasting results, and the treatment isn’t necessarily painful too!

Here are two of the most advanced treatment technologies that we use to help better your condition. All the technologies we combine to heal you complement each other and enhance the overall results of the procedure.

The Most Effective Red Light Therapy

Let’s face this, there is no shortcut to weight loss. Constantly keeping yourself active, restricted eating and regular exercising are only some of the ways that you can employ to start losing weight. But it isn’t practically possible for an obese person to start jumping on the very first day of starting weight loss, so, there has to be some sort of weight loss initiation therapy. And luckily, here we are, talking about the red light therapy.

The light therapy, certain wavelengths of light passed through your body to help in weight loss. But red light therapy can be used for a lot more benefits, however, discussing them would be far out of the scope of this article.

Yes, red light therapy works against the stubborn body fat, and that isn’t just speculation. The effectiveness of red light therapy has been confirmed over and over again by lots of controlled experiments. People using this therapy are actually losing a lot of their body weight, and are becoming healthier. The lasers of red light that are used on your body during the red light therapy cause your fat cells (under the laser) to leak out the fat accumulated in them. The fat is then readily available for our body to use in metabolism, as a result, the obese person constantly loses some amount of fat whenever he undergoes a red light therapy.

The Venus Legacy Treatment

This is a uniquely effective and non-invasive treatment that helps tighten your skin as you carry on losing weight during our treatment. Usually, reducing the amount of cellulite and wrinkles is a very difficult procedure even for the normally aged people, let alone a person who’s recently shed a lot of weight and has very loose skin. But you don’t have to worry about this either, as we’ve included in our medical weight loss treatment, the Venus legacy treatment which rids of the loose skin soon after losing the fat underneath that skin.

The Venus Legacy is actually an efficient device that emits radio waves on your body (wherever it is applied) and helps tighten and smoothen your skin. The device has four different parts that work perfectly in conjunction to provide is with the best results possible.

So, our procedures can be collectively seen as a well thought out and well-tested plans, with every other plan unique to every single of our visitors. The red light therapy and Venus legacy treatments that we use to complement each other, help you attain a tighter skin while losing the extra weight at the same time. It is always a pleasure to help change the lives of people that need effective treatment for their obesity.

Bottom Line

Obesity and a higher than average BMI is a disastrous thing for anyone’s body. For those who can get their heads around this overall idea of obesity and its harms, you can sign up with us today for free, and we’ll send you an amazingly written E-Book that explains the topic of obesity deeply and let you know why our bodies much remain within a certain healthy BMI limit.


Price for our result-oriented combination procedure starts at $120.


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