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Laser Cellular Fitness and Recovery Program

Taking proper care of your skin makes you look younger, healthier, good looking and more attractive by preventing the negative effects of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, acne and much more. Many of the professional medical doctors are practicing in the skincare industry and are serving their clients on a daily basis.

    Dr. Salmassi is one of the most recognized is trusted doctors when it comes to the health of your skin. He along with his professional medical team and set of the best skincare and recovery equipment in the world has treated many clients to prepare them for special occasions like a marriage ceremony, retreats, big parties, public appearances, etc. He has hundreds of returning clients that trust his services and use them repeatedly to achieve their skincare goals.

    Running skin care and laser cellular fitness and recovery program requires skill, experience, knowledge and the most effective laboratory tests & techniques which are essential for a thorough skin recovery process. We have a program designed specifically for the people aiming to gain a fair and spotless skin.

The Laser Cellular Fitness and skin recovery program:

    Dr. Salmassi has himself designed this exclusive cellular skin recovery program along with his team to provide an effective skin care treatment for his clients. The program has different aspects and variations depending on every client’s needs and skin care goals. A specific pathway is made and utilized for every client to ensure a personalized treatment.

    There are various steps like initial testing, lab tests, analysis and planning involved in the cellular skin recovery program. Dr. Salmassi and his team make it sure to go into the depth of your skin problems and treat them from the grass root level. This enables us to permanently eradicate any changes of contacting the disease ever again in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the processes involved in the whole cellular skin recovery program.

DNA analysis for effective planning:

    We all know that DNA plays an important role in our appearance and overall skin health. It affects us as we age by translating all the information that we inherit from our parents like our skin tone, skin aging speed, wrinkles, inflammation, cellulite, etc.

    Dr. Salmassi first conducts some DNA analysis to see if your skin problem has anything to do with your genetics. If the problem is not related to your genetics and is superficial, it can be permanently eradicated from your skin. But if the skin disease or degeneration is genetic, its effects on your outer skin can be delayed with the help of an exclusive laser cellular fitness and skin recovery program designed specifically for you and your skin.

Unlock your true potential:

    Cellular skin recovery program helps you know and unlock your true potential of getting better, younger-looking skin. DNA testing we talked about earlier also helps Dr. Salmassi analyze your skin genetics better and make a personalized plan for your skin care because everyone has different needs when it comes to skin care.

Here are some points that we look for while testing your skin and DNA.

  • We discover the effects of sun exposure on your skin. It helps us treat wrinkles, sun spots, freckles, tanning, etc
  • We test your skin texture and its elasticity to find the related genetic indicators and treat the problems related to cellulite, stretch marks, varicose veins (veins too close to the skin). This also treats the redness problem.
  • Discovering the sensitivity of the skin is another essential step. This helps us access the redness and itchiness potential of your skin and treat the diseases like dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, etc.
  • We also treat the dry skin problem. Many of our clients have this problem in common. However, DNA testing makes it easy to eliminate and helps you take better care of your skin moisture.
  • Skin oxidation is a big issue nowadays especially in big cities where air pollution is an issue. We see how your body responds to the Antioxidants that we use in the process. The success rate is very high.
  • Many people who visit us have a fast skin aging problem. This treatment is now very much possible thanks to our advanced and effective diagnosis and treatment technology.
  • Last but not least, we find out if our client's skin has any of the vitamins deficiency (Vitamin A, B2, B6, B12, C, D, and E). This helps us recommend the best skin care products and treatments to our clients.

Learn more about your skin:

 The results of all the tests we conduct on your skin are discussed with you to educate you about the biology of our skin. We conduct these tests primarily to find out if you’re a genetic predisposition to any of the above-mentioned skin diseases or disorders that might affect you in the future. Once a genetic predisposition is diagnosed, then we use our state of the art equipment and the some latest techniques to prevent, delay and even eradicate the effects of that disease.

After enrolling in our program, you’ll learn these things in addition to the treatment that you will get.

  • The complete genetic profile of your skin. It will help you maintain the healthy gains of our program by choosing the right skin care products in the future.
  • You'll learn about the nutritional needs of your skin. It will enable you to do certain lifestyle changes to maintain a healthier, younger looking skin throughout your life.
  • Analyze certain skin products and see which skin nutrients would help you the most.

Our skin tightening and exercise plans:

We have the best and state of the art technology to help tighten up your skin. Not just the face, but we work to make the skin of your whole body look tighter, younger and more glowing than ever. We treat every customer with custom techniques and a unique plan to satisfy their specific skin goals.

    We have experts in the fitness field to help you follow an effective exercise plan for prevention, maintenance, and recovery of various skin related diseases. Various studies have proved that proper exercise can help slow down the aging process in humans that means with our laser cellular fitness and recovery program, you’ll look younger and charming for a longer time.


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