Professional Enzymatic Facial and Full Body Mask Treatment

What is Professional Enzymatic Facial and Full Body Mask Treatment?

Professional enzymatic facial treatment helps to rebalance the skin. Such types of facial treatments are helpful in the exfoliation of the skin. The procedure does not cause any flaking of the skin.

Procedure for Professional Enzymatic Facial and Body Treatment at our Medi -Spa.

The procedure starts with a 45 minutes session that cleanses the face. This cleansing session detoxes the skin. It clears all the dead skin. In this way, the skin gets prepared for the enzymatic facial that is to follow.

An electric device with small nodes is used in the procedure. The nodes are attached to different places of the body, and the function of this device sends energy waves across the body. It helps the body to relax.

The enzyme facial is applied on the face, neck, décolletage, arms, knee, elbow, legs, arms, abdomen and back.  The enzyme facial and full body mask helps in the circulation of blood, and the flow of oxygen in the region is also increased. It is applied for almost an hour. During this period, the mask becomes hard.

The enzyme facial mask is removed from the skin with the help of warm towels.  Customized organic enzymes, vitamins, mineral, amino acid, hyaluronic acid serums are applied to the skin to moisturize it and to help the production of collagen and elastin. These serums penetrate the pores with the help of specialized aesthetic equipment’s.  At the end of the procedure, you will be left with glowing skin that looks healthy and tighter.

Results of the treatment

The professional enzymatic facial treatment leaves you with healthy and younger-looking skin. The facial treatment is relaxing. Improved results can be seen with regular sessions, as advised by your specialized nurse and aesthetician.

Who Should Get Professional Enzyme Facial and Body Treatment

If you wish to get a healthy glow on your skin with more youthful appearance and help to boost your collagen and elastin production, then this treatment is suitable for You. However, certain people will truly benefit from this procedure

  1. People with discolored skin
  2. People with hyperpigmented skin
  3. People with scarring on their skin
  4. People who have fines lines
  5. People who have wrinkles
  6. People who have skin damaged due to sunlight


Benefits of Professional Enzymatic Facial Treatment

There are numerous benefits of getting this procedure done. Let’s list down a few of them

  1. Facial from all-natural ingredients – Enzymes are naturally occurring substances that are derived from fruits. Hence they are not harmful to your skin. It is better than other facials that are chemical-based.
  2. Improved appearance – Enzymatic facial helps to enhance the appearance of skin. It provides a natural glow and returns your skin to its younger version.
  3. Promotion of younger skin cells – The facial treatment works by getting rid of older skin cells. In this way, people can get rid of scars, stretch marks, and spots due to aging, such as wrinkles.
  4. Penetrates the skin – The enzymes can penetrate deep into the pores. It improves skin tone and helps boost collagen and elastin production.


Enzymes are ingredients that are naturally present in nature. These enzymes are used for our benefit in various ways. One such method is to use enzymes in the form of facial and body treatments. The organic facial and body enzyme treatment is far better than other chemical-based facial treatments. No adverse effects are associated with this treatment. The list of benefits is long and speaks for itself. In the end, you will be thanking whoever came up with this facial and body treatment.


Price: $ 135 -$ 395 per procedure

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