Public Safety Discounts

You spend your life protecting the community. Now, it’s time to put yourself first for once!

Police officers, troopers, firefighters, and more save lives every day, something we at Skin Cellular Fitness are eternally grateful for. We believe every hero needs a break sometimes, stepping back from your duties to put yourself first every now and again. That’s why we proudly offer luxurious skin rejuvenation procedures at heavily discounted prices for police officers, troopers, firefighters, and beyond. In fact, we’ll slash up to 60% off our regular prices to thank you for the hard work you do on a daily basis!

Our organic medi-spa treatments for police offers, troopers, and firefighters prove that healthy skin never goes out of style. We empower society’s bravest men to get on with their daily duties with confidence. Think about the last time you flew – we’re always told that, in the event of an emergency, we should always secure our own oxygen mask first before helping others. The same can be said for daily life. To be the best we can be for those around us, we need to be the best for ourselves first. With healthier skin and higher self-esteem, you will have more confidence and a sharper mind to fulfil your duties better than ever before.

Our Treatments

Hair Removal: Eliminate stubborn stubble and get a fresh start for the week ahead. We give men a much-needed time-out at Skin Cellular Fitness, keeping your skin healthy and happy – not just your muscles! Our non-invasive and virtually painless male hair removal techniques are quick and easy, whether you want a fresh look for your face, legs, chest, you name it.

Collagen Revival: Collagen is like the “glue” that holds your skin, muscles, ligaments, and tendons together. Unfortunately, collagen naturally decreases as we age, causing a loss of elasticity in the skin, compromised eyesight, weakened bones and muscles, and beyond. Our collagen revival procedures aren’t only for women. We also empower men with silkier, smoother skin that is deeply hydrated with fewer wrinkles and fine lines. You’ll also notice less dryness.

What our clients love most about Skin Cellular Fitness is that we perform skin procedures and treatments using 100% natural ingredients free from chemicals that can do more harm than good. We fuel society’s heroes with mother nature’s optimal nutrition, giving you more energy and vitality to save more lives and do what you do best! 

Contact us today to schedule your first appointment, on us. Once we know a little more about your unique skin concerns, we can recommend a tailored treatment plan accordingly. Remember, only our police officers, troopers, firefighters, and other heroes of society qualify for a 75% discount on our facial and skin rejuvenation services. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon and doing something for you for a change – seeing as you spend your life doing so much for all of us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your service. We hope we can serve you in our own way soon!

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