Skin Tightening Treatment Devices

A Brief Introduction

People are continually looking for non-invasive treatments. One such type of therapy that maintains its demand is skin tightening procedures. According to the ASDS, 70% of people were thinking of getting cosmetic procedures. The same survey also stated that out of this, 57 % were looking into getting skin tightening procedures.  

There is a number of skin tightening devices present in the market. The majority of skin tightening devices use radio frequencies. It is considered to be the advanced technology in such types of treatments.  

Venus Freeze Plus

This device is easy to use. It provides the skin tightening effect along with a reduction in wrinkles on both face and body. It has the following features  

  • Utilizes multi-polar radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields 
  • Thermal monitoring to get instant monitoring of the temperature of the skin 
  • Automated control of temperature 
  • Suits all types of skin 
  • Comfortable treatment requires no recovery time. 

The device also produces the following effects 

  • Skin tightening results after 6 treatments 
  • Wrinkle reduction results after 6 treatment 

Venus Legacy

The Venus Legacy is another type of non-invasive skin tightening device. It works to reduce cellulite, wrinkles as well as circumference. It has the following features; 

  • It works on the same mechanism as Venus Freeze Pulse. 
  • It has Vari pulse technology that allows the pulsed suction to be adjusted. 
  • The skin temperature profile can be immediately monitored with the help of real-time thermal feedback. 
  • It is suitable for all skin types 
  • The treatment is comfortable and has no recovery time. 

The device produces the following effects; 

  • Wrinkle reduction (effects visible after 10 treatments) 
  • Skin tightening (effects visible after 5 treatments) 
  • Reduction of the circumference (effects visible after 8 treatments) 
  • Cellulite Reduction (effects visible after 8 treatments) 

Venus Versa

The Venus Versa is a multi-applicator device. It combines three different types of technologies. The two applicators are called the Octipolar and Diamond Polar. These two applicators work on the principle of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency. The pulsed Electromagnetic field, along with these applicators, produces their skin tightening effect. Following are the features of this device; 

  • The skin temperature profile is monitored with the help of real-time feedback. 
  • Suits different types of skin 
  • The treatment is very comfortable. 
  • No recovery time is needed. 
  • Different applicators help in increasing the type of treatment.  
  • It supports ten different types of applicators depending upon the area being targeted. 

The device is used in the following treatments; 

  • Skin tightening (Effects visible after 3 treatments) 
  • Wrinkle reduction (Effects visible after 6 treatments) 
  • Contouring of the body (Effects visible after 7 treatments) 
  • Treatment of Tribella (Effects observed after treatment with 1 SR IPL, 1 diamond polar, and 1 NanofractionRF Treatment) 
  • Photorejuvenation (Effects visible after 1 treatment) 
  • Photofacial (Effects visible after  treatment) 
  • Treatment of Acne (Effects visible after 6 treatments) 
  • Removal of Hair (Effects visible after 2 treatments) 
  • Resurfacing of skin (Effects visible after 2 treatments) 

In Conclusion

The FDA clears all three of the devices. It means they are approved for non-invasive treatments for skin tightening. These devices are pain-free. It means that the patient can go about their normal routine after the procedure. The type of device to be selected depends upon the type of effect you want. If you want added treatments along with skin tightening, you can consult the specialist.  

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