Full-Body Skin Tightening

Look as Young as You Feel with Full-Body Skin Tightening

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Your skin starts to sag slowly after you enter your 30s, losing its elasticity as the body reduces the amount of hydration and collagen being produced. Similar symptoms have been observed in clients with premature ageing due to excess exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Moreover, noticing excess skin or stretch marks after losing weight or pregnancy can be utterly disheartening for some people. But don’t worry, all these issues can be easily resolved by our utterly safe skin tightening procedures.

Skin tightening is a method that helps reduce wrinkles, diminish stretch marks and cellulite to bring back the youthful appearance and to maintain it of your early age. Nowadays, skin tightening procedures are not only popular for just a person’s face but for their whole body. Let’s be honest, we all want toned body, legs and athletic arms!

At Skin Cellular Fitness Med Spa, we start from the foundation of the skin: at the cellular level, targeting skin cells with radio frequencies or electromagnetic field pulses to tighten the skin by increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. This focused treatment allows our clients to obtain visible improvements in their body contour and skin texture within a few sessions.

We offer a combination of non-invasive skin tightening treatments that are wholly safe, effective and approved by the FDA. Our Med Spa has the top of the line equipment for skin tightening with Venus Freeze Plus, Venus Legacy and Venus Versa. All these devices are suitable for all skin types and no recovery time is required after sessions.

Between these sessions, our Med Spa expert provides clients with LED treatments as well as customized organic body wraps with minerals, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and amino acids which not only tighten your skin but reduce cellulite and stretch marks visibly and rejuvenate the skin texture by replenishing the skin’s hydration and collagen levels.

Skin Cellular Fitness Med Spa also offers additional maintenance treatments in combination skin-tightening procedures for clients looking for a little something special to further enhance their body appearance.

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